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June Chapter Ride
June 25

 Seven TRBCH members met at Larabee Meadow trailhead to ride to Deer Creek Falls Saturday. After review of maps we set off under bright sunshine. Our goal was to ride on IF&G ground around a fenced area and on to the falls. We had some excitement crossing the horse gate then continued across the bright green meadow heavily populated with pretty flowers, across a small creek then passed through a black pine thicket - weaving through the trees. The meandering stream is really beautiful in this area. We crossed the creek beside a collapsed bridge then began a wandering search for a path around a locked gate that is scheduled to have a horse gate installed during the month of August. Up a draw, around a long ridge, down the hill, back up some more, around some timber, over a few windfalls, stop to watch three bull elk move away from us. After bushwhacking crosscountry we found lunchtime. I think we also had agreement that Steve couldn’t find bootlaces in a pair of boots. We decided to abandon our search for an alternative path to the falls and find a way back to the trailhead, blindly riding towards Swamp Creek Road, a limited access road. After finding that road the return to the trailhead was uneventful. A ride to Deer Creek Falls remains elusive to Steve, this is not his first failed attempt to return to the falls after visiting it about 18 years ago. This was an enjoyable ride over hill and dell, an adventure.

Dough Creek Adopt-A-Cabin Project
June 15

Dough Creek is located in IDFG Craig Mountain WMA. Six TRBCH members rode to Dough Creek Cabin June 15-16, fulfilling an annual commitment as the Adopt A Cabin pledge. Only two trees had to be cut to get to the cabin. After a pleasant ride to the cabin everyone worked to clean the cabin, wash windows, pull weeds, cut thistles, weed eat to make a fire break, and spray sealer on the deck. After camping overnight we rode thru Chimney Creek and Middle Creek to Corral Creek then back to the trailhead. The creek crossing in Chimney Cr was a real mess. After a little manual labor and saw work, we got through fine. We enjoyed good weather for the rides.

John’s Creek Work Project
June 12-13

John’s Creek Trailhead is located on the South Fork of the Clearwater River on the way to Elk City. We arrived shortly after 9:00 am with a crew of eight, a great turnout considering the forecast was for rain both days. We split into two crews with plans to meet in the middle if everything went well. There were more trees down than in the past, so we did not finish. Three members had to leave early.  

We met back at the trailhead at 5:00pm and headed on to below Leggett Creek Campground for the night, it is 14.5 miles past John’s Creek Trailhead. We had a great Potluck Sunday night with fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, vegetables, fruit], and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We tore down camp and moved back to the trailhead to finish the work. Lost one more worker as he was not feeling good. The four of us headed out together sling shotting with saws up the trail and finished shortly after 2:00 pm.

A nice ride back to the trailhead, dinner in Grangeville and a couple hour ride home, feeling good about our accomplishments. We had much better weather than the members that stayed home, as it only rained hard on us for about 30 minutes for the entire time with some drizzle off and on.

Fordyce Trail Clearing Project
April 24

We had a great turnout, 14 members for this work project. We welcome four new members to our project that joined at the Chili Ride. It helps that this area is the best area near the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley to ride. We all knew there would be lots of trees down after the fires that devastated the area.

We split into two crews, one going up Fordyce Trail, the others up Cabin Gulch Trail. The crew on Cabin finished around 1:30, and stopped for lunch. We headed on to the top of Fordyce and headed down hoping to meet the other crew. In about half an hour a great sign as Lorelei’s dog came trotting up the trail.

There is still some brushing to do, but both trails are open as of April 24th. Anyone riding the area should consider bringing a saw as we anticipate more trees coming down.

Thank you everyone for the great job! Welcome our new members and thanks for helping!

Monthly Chapter Ride
April 16

Charlie Creek up Asotin Creek is a great place to ride early in the year as there is normally no snow on the trail. The weather forecast was for possible rain, so we were prepared. We had a good turnout considering the weather and it was a great ride as long as you overlooked all the burned trees and concentrated on how green everything was. As we saddled up to return to our trailers it started snowing great big flakes, very pretty. As we got close to our trailers it switched to drizzling rain. Then as we unsaddled it cut loose, what perfect timing and a nice day on the trail

Cummings Creek Trail Work Project
April 2-3

We got a late start Saturday, but ended up with nine members and 14 head of stock heading up the trail. We split into two crews and felt like we really accomplished a lot until we headed back at three o’clock.  What we did looked like a road compared to what it was before we started.

Three of us camped out for the night at Spring Campground and had arrangements to head back up Sunday. We had seven members and 10 head of stock and again split into two work groups. At two o’clock, we were worn out and decided to ride up the trail to see how much more work was needed. There is still a lot to clear, so hope we can take on another section next year. Thanks to everyone that showed up and worked so hard.

Annual Chili Ride
March 13

Great weather and a great turnout made this a fantastic day to ride, socialize, and enjoy the potluck. We had 23 riders and five members that came to enjoy the day. Two families became members and we hope to see them on future activities.

Chapter Ride
February 13

A beautiful day illuminated by brilliant sunshine greeted TRBCH riders at Hellsgate State Park Sunday. Twelve friends were carried up hill and down, then into the river, by horses that appeared eager to shed winter doldrums and get back on the trail. These friends enjoyed a chilly ride and were on their way home in time to watch the Super Bowl.
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