Mission Statement:

The purpose of the organization is to
perpetuate enjoyable, common sense use of horses
in the back country, assist government agencies in the maintenance and management of trails and other back country resources, educate, encourage and solicit active public participation in wise and sustaining use of the resources that our heritage has provided for us.

The value of our 2021 Volunteer efforts to the agencies we work with is over $56,000.00.

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Kid's Kamp 2022 Cancelled

We are sorry to report that Kid's Kamp 2022 has been cancelled for the safety of our members and youths due to the unknown time frame with the Covid-19 and not knowing when our country will be back to normal.

Thanks for your understanding!



Twin Rivers Back Country Horsemen was founded in 1988. We are located in the Lewis-Clark Valley, which spans the border of Idaho and Washington at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers. Monthly meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday at CCI-Speer Training Center, 2200 1st Street, Lewiston, ID. 6:30 pm. (Meeting location changes some months, always check the latest newsletter.)

Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) is a non-profit corporation made up of state organizations, affiliates and at-large members.Back Country Horsemen of Idaho (BCHI) is a non-profit organization with 16 chapters spread throughout our beautiful state. Although each chapter is a member of BCHI, and in turn, Back Country Horsemen of America, (BCHA), they each have a complete list of Officers and Directors. Twin Rivers Back Country Horsemen (TRBCH) functions on its own, setting up its own bylaws, officers, activities and work projects. Each chapter has two State Directors who represent the chapter at BCHI Directors Meetings. The chapters support the state organization of BCHI and the national organization of BCHA and they, in turn, support the chapter with the ultimate goal of insuring that public lands remain open to the recreational use of stock.
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