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TRBCH Annual Chili Ride/Membership Drive

February 23 we all woke up to snow on the ground. Nothing to worry about, as we never cancel this ride and we always have a great time. There were eighteen riders saddled up and ready to ride. Two got lost on the drive, but we were able to steer them the right direction and everyone made the Ride.

The scenery was a little limited, as we rode in a fog bank most of the way.

With Rod is trail guide, there is never any concern about getting lost, just a concern when the ride is going to be over. We saw some deer and a coyote, but the gold fish in the water trough were gone. I think we can thank a raccoon for that! We did not have any Pizza Riders this year, but Jim Kimball and his new mule had visions of participating. Billy Havens made some chicken noodle soup that was worth fighting over for seconds and thirds as well as the chili for traditionalists. A special thanks to Bob Kuther for host the ride on his property and the use of his shop for the feast. We did not get any new members signed up but the year is young.

Pintler Trail Project
Feb. 28 - Mar. 4, 2014

Bob Hough and Rod Parks met with WDFW staff to explore improving an existing trail to accommodate ATV use for WDFW access and also a loop trail for stock and foot travel, as the route is closed to public  motorized use of the trail. Permission was give and the trail was completed in five days. A few minor problems with a track rolling off the excavator and high water in the creek slowed us down. Then Bill Correll made some signs and Rod Parks installed the new signs in May. The loop trail takes about five hours to ride and is rocky, but a wide trail for stock.

From Clarkston WA. take HWY 129 south towards Anatone, turn right on Onstat Rd. Turn right on Halsey Rd. Trail is at the end of Halsey Rd. by a yellow metal shop building. You will need a Washington State Discover Pass to use the area.

Red Bird Trail Ride

Last month a committee was formed to start scheduling a chapter ride at least once a month. Billie Havens is chairman. The first ride was help on Idaho Fish & Game Property. Redbird is a very popular area, as often, it can be ridden year round. There is an option of a loop ride down Short Canyon, but the weather has to be perfect to convince anyone to make the loop. The trailhead was its usual  windy self ,but the temperature was in the 50’s so not to bad. Nine members made the uneventful ride down the canyon. The protection from the wind made the ride very pleasant. At the river, after watering their horses in the Snake River we all set down for lunch. The weather was so nice that it was hard to get up and start the ride home. It was lucky we left when we did as it started to sprinkle as we turned the corner for the parking lot. As we were loading the stock it really started cutting loose. This year everyone remembered to spring their clocks ahead so all arrived at the same time. A nice end to a great day!


Green Gulch Work and Chapter Ride

Rod Parks, Don Klement and Lorelei McNamee had a plan to make a loop ride out of the Green Gulch ride with just a short shuffle of our vehicles. On March 29th Rod and Jerry & Linda Lane rode to the new route and spent about three hours throwing rocks and cutting brush on the trail with the intent to impress everyone with the ride when chapter members came to ride on April 5th.

We had a nice turnout for the Green Gulch Loop and after reassurance from Linda that the ride was safe we headed up Green Gulch. It was a beautiful day, flowers were blooming, there were deer & turkeys to enjoy, and the excitement of riding a new area. We stopped for lunch as we sat and enjoyed the view of the Snake River below from the top of the hill. The trip down to our vehicles is an old road behind Rodgersburg near the mouth of the Grande Ronde River. One very steep area of road for about 400 yards was covered without any mishap and the rest of the trail was an excellent grade.

We were blessed with a once in a lifetime sight! About halfway down the hill, a beautiful rainbow appeared below us. How many of you have ever been looking down on a rainbow? Everyone took pictures and all talked about what a view to top off the day. The loop ride was four hours long and everyone agreed this was much better than riding up Green Gulch and turning around and riding back the same way. The best place to park your vehicle for shuffling the trailers is just across the Grande Ronde River Bridge on the east side of the road. It is three miles from the bridge to the School House, which is the Green Gulch Trailhead.

BCHI Annual Convention
Bonners Ferry ID
March 22, 2014  

Twin Rivers BCH was well represented at the state convention by Rod & Karen Parks, Bob & Pat Hough, Jerry & Linda Lane, and Mark & Pat Bogar. We also were well represented in the awards presented. Linda Lane gets credit for designing our chapter display, the first place winner of the annual traveling trophy for the best chapter display. The chapter was also presented with a check for $250.00. Diane Hansel won first place in the photo contest for the “Winter” Category. Rod Parks won first place in the photo contest for the “Kids” Category.

Chris Reed, representing the new chapter from Moscow area presented their request to become affiliated with BCH of Idaho. They were conditionally accepted with a few minor wording changes in their application. We are happy to welcome the Palouse BCH to Idaho.

The Selkirk Chapter of BCHI had a good variety of guest speakers. George Bain, Region 1 Forest Supervisor discussed the backlog of trail maintenance and thanked us multiple times on the volunteer efforts from BCH.

There was heated discussion over the use of the minimum tool policy and use of mechanized use in wilderness. Chuck Cox from southern Idaho representing Zoetis spoke on the ins and outs of equine vaccinations and de-wormers.

Shane Robinson, a federal government trapper spoke about livestock depredation by predators. Wolves kill about 90% of all confirmed livestock kills when compared with bear and mountain lions.

After the speakers and the business were completed we were served the best dinner I ever remember being served at a BCHI convention. After dinner, a very entertaining auctioneer milked money out of many of us. This was a great convention!



TRBCH Fun/Fundraiser RIDE
May 10

Betty Barnes reported that everyone had a good time.  122 hands were sold.  Good food was on hand thanks to Karen Parks.  Three new memberships were signed up and we sold three BCHI Calendars.  In addition, after expenses, TRBCH netted $190. We thank Idaho Fish and Game for providing us a location to hold our event. The Craig Mountain Unit has many great places to ride. The area of the ride is scenic and a very safe area for riders and stock. Thanks to everyone that helped make this event a great day!


Wilderness Gateway Work/Play Project
Clearwater NF, Locsha District
May 31-June 1, 2014

When we arrived at Wilderness Gateway Friday night, we were shocked by the mess in the campground. We found out that sixty trees were removed from the camping areas. We were thinking if we had to clean up all the limbs and brush that we would never get all the work done. When Hap, our FS supervisor showed up, we were elated when he told us that the brush was going to be chipped and we did not have to clean it up.

We all grabbed our tools of choice and went to work. Linda Lane was mowing grass, Kevin Swanson string trimming and leaf blowing the pavement, and Jerry Lane on the chainsaw clearing brush overhanging the roads, tent pads, and picnic areas. The rest of us that had no power tools to use did the grunt work with rakes, shovels, brooms, and loppers clearing all brush and twigs on all the camp areas and three foot along all the roads.

With a crew of ten, we finished in time to go for a ride up Bolder Creek Trail to the junction of Stanley Hot Spring Trail. Boulder Creek was roaring white water. It will be quite a while before a ford of the creek will be possible. Saturday Morning Lisa Swanson provided biscuits and gravy. Saturday night Linda Lane treated us to a Taco Feast, and Sunday morning Linda & Karen Parks made hotcakes and omelets.

We should have gone and cleaned one of the other camp loops on Sunday to work off all the food we ate, but instead we took a nice ride up Fish Creek. Saw a black bear on the trail and found a lost mule. Luckily the owner showed up and got the mule back, but not before it had bucked his load off and spun the saddle. We all thank Trail Boss Linda Lane for being so organized and providing a great time for all of us.



Ranger Creek-Indian Tom Chapter Ride
June 7, 2014

Umatilla NF project on National Trails Day was a great success. Beautiful weather with cloud cover for ideal work conditions. There were eight members, so we split in two and started from opposite ends of the trails with plans to meet in the middle for lunch. The crew on Ranger Creek had a lot of brush to clear and ended up eating lunch before they got to the bottom of Wenatchee Canyon. After lunch we continued on until we were blessed with meeting the Indian Tom Crew. They turned around and all of us rode back up Indian Tom and enjoyed the work they had done clearing the trail. This was a full day, by the time we got back to our vehicles, but everyone felt it was worth the work to have such a nice trail to ride.


Fordyce / Cabin Trail Clearing
Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife & Umatilla NF  Lands
June 9, 2014

As with any project that includes more than 1 person, communication is a key ingredient for success.  With that being said when we pulled into the Foredyce trailhead at 8:15 we was greeted by Rod Parks, Jim White and Leroy Hough asking why we were late and sorry that there wasn’t going to be much help.  I asked what they were talking about, and was told that we were supposed to be in the saddle at 8:00.   News to me, :-)     I had told everyone to be ready at 9:00.

Matt and Jan had pulled in right in front of us and were busy getting tacked up.   We went and unloaded our horses.  About that time Colleen Ozard pulled in and then Steve Cooper.  Only ones missing were Betty and Tom Barnes and Lisa Swanson.    We continued getting ready and finally at 9:00 the Barnes/Swanson group arrived.   We were all shortly saddled and on the trail heading up Foredyce.

It was a beautiful day for trail work, horseback riding and good friends.   Rod took a group up ahead and started cutting the bigger brush and trees along the trial.   Don took his hedge trimmer and did a lot of work with the small brush.   With those two on the power tools it kept 4 to 5 people busy in the two groups busy clearing the fallen branches/bush out of the trail.   The rest of us were needed to hold critters.  Everyone had a job and were very much needed and appreciated for their participation.

We were almost treated to pizza but Tom surprised us with his superb riding ability.   Apparently in Jocee’s mind the limb that got caught in her cinch was thought to be a cougar attaching her.   After several “whoa whoa whoas” she stopped, Tom removed the limb/cougar and we all proceeded on up the trail.

Rod only misplaced his equipment once as far as we know.   The 2 groups had gotten split, and while we in the last group was having lunch at the 1st opening up Foredyce, here comes Leroy and Steve coming back down the trail.  At first we thought they were coming back to check on us, but they were really coming back down looking for Rods bright orange sawyer chaps.   They were hanging in the tree about 50 feet from where we were having lunch, but none of us had seen them.

Overall we had a very successful trail clearing experience.  Thanks again to all that helped make it such a great day.   And some of us were lucky enough to be greeted on the way home by the wild big horn sheep.

Lorelei McNamee


Dough Creek Adopt-A-Cabin
June 27-29, 2014

This was our annual trip to the Craig Mountains south of Lewiston to do maintenance on the Dough Creek Cabin for Idaho State Dept. of Fish & Game. A couple of us went up on Friday and spent the night at Madden Corrals. The rest of the crew showed up Saturday Morning.

We headed out with ambition and tools to spruce up the cabin and make a fire break around the cabin, hitchrails, and outhouse. Before we even got there, Linda Lane said she was not going to do any staining on the floors. The trail was in pretty good shape so we were to the cabin in about two hours. As we rounded the turn in the trail, about eight elk got out of their beds by the cabin and trotted off. A little maintenance was done on the pipe to the water trough and others were lucky enough to cut thistle by hand. The work went real fast. We all were grateful for that.

Everyone sat down for lunch and then Rod showed everyone the trail to Billy Creek. It was still early so we did some major brushing on about three sections of the trail on our way back to Madden Corrals. We had our usual potluck Saturday night. Steve Cooper was a real hit when he brought out BBQ Ribs to go along with the hotdogs that we had.

Sunday we went for a nice ride to Frye Point. There had been some extensive logging since trail boss Rod Parks had been out there. He got lost several times and took the wrong road many times. The good news was that we saw two separate herd of elk and some real nice mule deer bucks. This softened the ribbing over getting lost so many times. We had a really great time.


TRBCH/McNeil Campground Chapter Fun Weekend
July 10-13, 2014

If you like hot weather, this fun weekend was a real success. Due to the heat, we went riding early in the morning and were back by noon each day.

Then we went for a short ride each evening. Bob Hough chose a great place to camp. Lots of grass for stock feed, big trees for shade and several nice level areas for camping. Bob Hough was our trail boss for every ride. He was very familiar with the area and took rides to an overlook of Wenatchee Canyon, showed us the road to Troy before the road was built along the Grande Ronde River, the old school house ( has fallen down since the last time Bob was there), and a cemetery. Then there was the deer and elk if you are into watching game. There are many old building that are interesting to explore. Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife recently purchases some of the land we rode on. They have submitted a grant request to construct a trailhead near the old McNeil Homestead.

This is an area that can be ridden early in the year through late in the fall. A great place to ride that is about 45 miles from Lewiston.


Hellsgate State Park
Lewiston, ID
July 22 & 24, 2014

The Corps of Engineers had some new stickers with trail names made for the trails at Hellsgate. They had asked for volunteers to install them.  Carl Paulson and Rod Parks took on the task. When you ride the trails now, the names of the trails as well as the accompanying matching colors will be on the trail markers to help users keep on the correct trails and know where they are.

The colors and names match the maps at the Kiosk. Please do not ride trails that are not marked!


Ten Mile Forest Service Work/Play Project
August 1- 6, 2014

Red River Ranger District; the challenge of getting to the trailhead was a larger issue than clearing the twelve miles of trail. The last five miles, the road was very crooked and narrow so some could not get their trailers to the trailhead and had to pony their stock in. Then Larry Taylor never connected at the rendezvous site and returned home. There was 1.5 miles outside the Gospel Hump Wilderness, so it was a breeze clearing the trees on this section. The rest of the miles were cleared with crosscuts. We also cleaned water bars. We stayed two nights at the trailhead then packed into Ten Mile Meadow for the next three nights. The crew was Jim White, Jerry Lane, Matt Bake, Bill Correll, Rod Parks, & John Partridge. Bill & John offered to be camp cooks for the trailhead days and really treated us to some great food.

Saturday, we cleared seven miles of trail. Sunday we moved camp to Ten Mile Meadows and said good bye to our great cooks. Monday we did another five miles as the trees got much larger and many more down in an area that had many dead trees from disease. Tuesday we finished the last mile of trail and water bars. Then we finished Tuesday on a ride to Hump Lake for a nice day enjoying the views. We did some huckleberry picking and eating for a break on the way home. Thanks to Jerry Lane and Jim White for being great trail bosses.


Great Burn Society Packing Project
Aug 18-22, 2014

North Fork Ranger District; we drove to the Trailhead for Trail 567 on Kelly Creek on the 18th. The 19th we loaded up our pack gear and headed to Hansen Meadows to pack out a Great Burn Society crew that had been up the Kelly Creek Trail for over a month releasing bio control bugs and working on infestations of spotted knapweed. They had all their gear pretty well ready for us to load on our stock.

Thanks to the support from Mike Welling, Rod Parks, Larry Taylor, Linda Lane, Bob Hough, Leroy Hough and Steve Cooper we had plenty of stock and no one had any heavy loads. It was a long day riding twenty miles round trip and loading all the gear, seven pack loads in all.

The road to the Kelly Creek Trailhead was in the best condition I have ever seen. Wednesday Linda, Mike, and Larry drove home after breakfast. Steve, Rod and Bob drove to the Scurvy Trailhead and rode four miles to the Scurvy Lookout. The lookout has been maintained by volunteers and was in pretty good condition. It is available as a rental through the forest service. The trail is open to ATV so you do not need a horse to get there.

While we were in the lookout waiting for the rain to stop, we had a lengthy discussion as to what direction North was. After reviewing the maps when we got back to the trailhead, we all agreed which way was north by the map but could not agree which side of the lookout the door was on. It was quite a debate with rebuttal time for all involved. Leroy Hough may take his ATV up there on a later trip with a compass and a camera, but can he be bought off?


We moved camp to Bungalow Trailhead Wednesday afternoon. Friday, the four of us rode a nice loop on Tr 154 (Jackknife Creek) and Tr 144 (Pot Mtn.).

There are some great views from the Jackknife Trail as you climb the hill. The trails had been cleared earlier in the year, but on the 144 trail, there were about twelve trees across the trail that we cut out with saws. Friday, we all headed home after breakfast.


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