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Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife Gate Closing Fun Ride

November 24-25 2012

What an interesting weekend we had. There were a few who thought the gate closing ride was Friday after Thanksgiving, there are some that rode on Saturday, and then the weekend was ended with the rest riding on Sunday. The Friday ride did not happen. Saturday, seven members faithfully headed up to Fordyce Trailhead anticipating the rain would stop. Well, it did not. Bob Hough hauled his chainsaw up the trail and cut out a tree across the trail so the others could enjoy the ride. They ended up enjoying the ride by stretching a tarp to weather the rain under, and a big campfire to stay warm and some greatly appreciated hot Chili. They did clean up the Fordyce Trailhead area during the slower rain times.

Sunday, it started as a clear sunny day and lasted the entire day. Eight members came early and cleaned up the large mess left by some hunters that camped there during hunting season at the North Fork Asotin Creek Trailhead. There are three large piles of straw that will need to be burned when it dries out. There must have been a whole round bale left on the ground at the trailhead. There were also some litter and game poles to clean up.After the cleanup we all moved up to Fordyce Trailhead and saddled up. The rest of the riders arrived and nineteen of us had a fantastic ride up Fordyce and came back down Cabin Gulch. Several small trees were cut out of the trail as well as many limbs were trimmed with loppers

We policed the Cabin Gulch trailhead for litter and picked up all we could find. Then rode down to Fordyce and started a campfire to warm up our bodies as the chili was heated. We had a great potluck feast around the fire. No Pizza riders this trip, but there are still eleven months to go.

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McConnell Mountain Trail Project
August 2-6 2012

This project was completed and Jim White reported it was a success.  Ten member's ages from 16 to 86 with 11 riding horses and 9 pack animals packed in 18 miles to Fish Lake and cleared at least 7 miles of trail to McConnell Mountain. Lots of work and lots of sawing were done, as almost all the trail was in a burn area. We were very appreciative of the recently sharpened crosscut saw that Jim brought. All went well - no injuries and everyone had a good time, other than the riding back to camp in the cloud of dust on the trail. Many good pictures were taken.  Maybe some of them will end up on our calendar. Forest Service will compensate us for a maximum of $600.00 Members that hauled stock were each paid $50.00 for fuel and three dinners were provided by the chapter at a cost of $422.00. The compensation to the attending members was to defray the high cost of fuel. Jim White will send in our report to the Forest Service.


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Dworshak Reservoir Fun Ride
Sept. 15-16 2012

Saturday afternoon the 15th found me riding around with Bob Regear looking at possible camping spots above the Dworshak reservoir.  Of the three he showed me, the best one was close to his Dad's Memorial and at the end of his ribbon marked trail.  The spot had trees, grass, water and a circle drive.  The first people to show were Doug and Kathi Brunns of Moscow, then Tony Hepburn.  Tony is one of the earliest members but because of a bad back, hasn't been able to participate for a couple of years.  She made and tooled our leather scrap book cover.  Gail and Casey Hagenah showed, followed by Lisa Swanson and Evelyn Wantz.  LeRena Myrick was the last to arrive, after dark.  The pot luck was chili by Kathi and chicken by the Hagenah's?  This was followed with salads and cookies.  Typical belly busting cuisine.

Early the next morning, Larry Taylor drove in followed by Bob Hough and Ed Doherty.  Tracy Storey and Elaine Garcia followed shortly.  Our 9 o'clock departure slipped to 9 ten as the trail boss kept messing around with his GPS unit which he never did get to work. We headed South West across a grass covered plateau toward what I christened the "airport" as planes have landed there.  It has a picnic table with a great overview of the reservoir near the Dam.  This time it was full of sheep and monstrous dogs that threatened our horses with death.  They just brought them up from Slate creek where their range was being burned up.  We successfully maneuvered around them and proceeded down a road wide enough to ride side by side which promoted a lot of socialization. About 1 1/2 miles we left this road and more or less rode cross country.  About this area is a great place to water your horse and fill your canteen with spring water.  There was a lot of opportunity to see the reservoir and old home stead areas.  Wild plums were everywhere.  Small, yellow with tart skins and delicious sweet meat.  There were a lot of rose hips too.  Turkeys and bears had to be in "hog heaven" We arrived at the # 8.6 camp ground after 2 hours and 20 minutes in the saddle.  There are 2 toilets here with a picnic table and a nice grass covered flat above it all.

The lake is 30 feet down but still some of our members rode down and let their horses drink.  The lapping of the waves was spooky for the horses and you didn't want to take a third step or you'd be in for a swim.  A leisurely lunch and then we took a different route back.  The back trail is more of a trail and has some steep parts with viewpoints.  This section of trail has little water until you get close to the top.  About half way out Bob Regear has some old lake bed clay that his Dad exposed looking for water.  Bob had it studied and it is something like 200 million years old.  Lisa found one slab that had a leaf imprint.  Interesting!! We came out in 2 hours.  Bob thought it would take longer and if I could have gotten the GPS to work we could have put some distance to it.  This is a place you could ride all day or camp and visit old homesteads, logging shows, skid trails and just well managed open timber.  TRBCH owes Bob a vote of gratitude for allowing us to spend a great day on his property.

Bill Correll

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Garfield County Fair Presentation
Sept. 15 2012

Garfield County contacted Bob Henriksen about representing TRBCH as a demonstrator at the County Fair. Bob Henriksen and Mark Bogar set up a Leave No Trace (LNT) model camp. They had some handouts for LNT and info about our chapter. They visited with attendees and did some packing demonstrations, offered hands on packing, and answered any questions about packing and LNT.

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Kids Kamp
July 11-15 2012

Well, we pulled it off! Thirty plus energetic youths and 100 degree weather just about did the members in as we struggled with our tired bodies and the heat. Kids Kamp took place with no injuries or sick horses. We were very fortunate with the hot weather during camp. Everything went well – the hay was up and in good condition; also, we had a lot of good projects for the kids.  Over fifty gallons of Gatorade and thirty two cases of bottled water were all gone before the week was over. We were very lucky to have drinking water at the house and the youths were very good about saving their water bottles after the rides and filling them over and over. The efforts from all the volunteers’ weekend after weekend beforehand made it possible to have a fantastic facility at the Washington Dept. of  Fish & Wildlife’s Black’s Ranch. We owe so much to all the businesses that support our efforts. For the future, we will limit the numbers of youths that attend. Fifty plus riders going for a trail ride leads to slow progress as one thing or another always seemed to pop up and stop the train.


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Dough Creek Adopt-A-Cabin
June 16 2012

This was our annual volunteer project for Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game at the Dough Creek Cabin in the Craig Mountains 30 miles from Lewiston, ID.

Wonderful weather, a short drive, and some beautiful country lead to one of our best turnouts for a work project in several years. Seventeen riders and twenty four head of stock made the ride to the cabin. The ride took about two and a half hours, as we had to cut some trees and brush along the trail in a few places.

One plus of such a large group is we have a whole new list of Pizza Riders. Rod stepped on his lead rope to his pack animal getting off and tripped himself, Bruce Wyatt was helping clear trail and his mule decided to go to the cabin without him and John Carlisle’s mule saw no reason to hang around without Bruce’s mule, so it beat him to the cabin also. The line was stretched out so far that I am sure there were some other Pizza memories in the back.

Crews brushed out the water line to the spring and repaired a hole in the water trough. Other crews did a cleanup on the cabin. Even washed the windows! Two string trimmers were buzzing away making fire breaks around the cabin, the hitchrails and the outhouse. Weeds to the creek and some big thistle were cut by another crew.

This was a real enjoyable project, as the ride was over twice as long as the work, so it did not really seem like a work project with all the great help. Rod headed on to Billy Creek from the cabin. Some others did some more brushing on the trail on the way back to Madden Corrals. Thanks to everyone for a great day of work and play.

A special guest was Don Eckford, TRBCH honorary member and a retired FS employee from Salmon Ranger District. Don has moved to Iowa, but was back in Riggins for the summer months, so we borrowed a horse from Pat Bogar and brought him along for the day. I think this is the first time I have ever seen Don on a horse, as he always rode a mule.

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June 2 2012

Mark Bogar reported on the June 2nd trail ride.  4 members and 2 forest service people went down Indian Tom and up Ranger Creek in the Umatilla NF. They cut out 25 to 30 trees, three of which were trail stoppers, and cleared brush.  The trail is now completely open.  The project took about 8 hours to clear ten and a half miles. This is a real nice loop ride close to the valley and a good trail to ride.


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Red Bird Hitching Rail
April 7 2012

Red Bird Hitch Rail Project—The Ride (April 7, 2012)

For anyone who hasn’t ridden to Red Bird Beach, this is a great opportunity for any of us to ride close to town.  The weather didn’t look particularly promising when we left town; there was new snow on the mountains.  We were pleasantly surprised when we could see the trailhead to have such an outstanding turnout—a total of 13 riders.  I need to mention that only two women braved the day—Doris Ferguson and me.

Once we were all saddled and introductions were made (thanks Bob Hough for always making everyone feel welcome), we headed down the trail.  It was a little slick on the top; however, it dried out after about a quarter of a mile and was a fantastic trail ride.  The trees were budding out, the creeks were running full, and we spotted a few deer on the hillside—what more can you ask for on a beautiful spring day.
The ride down took about two hours.  We rounded the curve at the bottom and were surprised to find that Bill and his crew had the first hitch rail already standing.  We finished the work in record time, had a relaxing lunch, and headed back up the hill.  The ride up was equally easy for the riders—I don’t know if the horses would say the same.

There are now two sturdy hitchrails at the bottom of Red Bird for stock tying while enjoy the beach area. Thank you to all the volunteers for the work and Idaho Fish & Game for providing the materials.
This is an excellent ride for getting your horses in shape.  I would recommend it to anyone!

Red Bird Hitch Rail Project—The Work
It isn't every Twin River's Back Country Horsemen project that needs a boat, but the Red Bird Hitch Rails did.  Granted, with concerted effort, the right packers and pack animals, the material could have been delivered via traditional packing stock.  4 Wheelers?  We won’t even go there.

Idaho Fish and Wildlife had previously torn down the old decayed corrals at the lower end of Red Bird Canyon.  They gave TRBCH the option of replacing them or installing hitch rails. With the use of electric fencing for overnight camping and hitch rails for day trips it makes this area pretty attractive.  An outdoor privy, concrete table and a barbecue add to the area.  On a hot day, the cool Snake River also is available for a dip.

Rod Parks and Mark Bogar designed and build two bolt able Hitch rails.  As I live quite close to
Red Bird and have a 20 ft. open boat, I volunteered to haul the material over to Red Bird beach.   Rod likes to build things “Hell for Stout” so he delivered 12 eighty pound bags of premix to my place and the metal hitchrails.  Ed Dougherty, a new member, came by and with him and my tractor we loaded the cement and wheel barrow into my boat. 

Saturday the 7th of April was launch day.  Ed, Colleen and John Partridge showed up to launch and ride down the river.  With that load, I asked John to drive down river and I'd pick him up after we unloaded the concrete.  The river was up with a good current so we fast idled to Red Bird.  After offloading the concrete, I went across the river and picked up John and Dave Favor {Rod's replacement} and delivered them to the Red Bird side.

By putting a couple of sacks of concrete in the wheel barrow and one person pulling with a rope the crew was able to pull it across the sand and up on the flat.  While this was going on, Dave nonchalantly tosses a bag on his shoulder and passes the wheel barrow, more than once.  With most of the concrete, post hole diggers, wheelbarrow, shovels, level, hoes, water and measuring tape delivered to the job site, we were ready to start.  Around the bend came Linda and Jerry Lane leading 11 riders.  Great Timing!!  With that much muscle it didn't take long to dig the post holes and set the Hitch rails. Bob Henriksen and Dan Budvarson didn't take very long to mix concrete, filling the holes with the help of Mike Fredrickson packing concrete bags.

And wonders of wonders, the fellows didn't hit a single rock digging the holes.  Linda will tell her side of the trip so some of you can ride in and see a typically good TRBCH job.
 Bill Correll {substitute Trail Boss}

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TRBCH Poker Ride
May 19 2012

Thank you to the private land owners that let us ride on their land for this year's Poker Rider out of Headsgate County Park. We were blessed with nice weather for this year's ride. Betty Barnes did a great job as usual having everything planned out and things working smooth. The trail was challenging in the fact that some of the riders who had not ridden it before made a few wrong turns. Luckily riders in front could be seen and everyone found their way. The Poker Ride is one of our annual fund raisers to help with the costs of Kid's Kamp. Thanks to everyone that either help with the setup and manning the stations or came as a rider and participated.



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BCH of Idaho Annual Convention & Banquet
March 24 2012
Coeur d' Alene, ID

The Panhandle Chapter really out did themselves for the convention. The facilities were fantastic and Saturday Nights Dinner sure was good! The restaurant in the motel had good reasonable priced food, so was real handy to just eat there and not have to deal with the traffic. Guest Speaker; An employee from Hayburn State Park who has been involved with stock his whole life  is making many improvements for stock at the park He presentation had some gresat scenery pictures. A very good presentation on horse chiropractic was also part of the agenda. A proposal on trails in the Frank Church Wilderness and another to list the state's annual reports on the BCHA Website rather than on CD's  were approved. BCHI National Directors will be presenting these two proposals from Idaho at the BCHA Directors meeting next month. Another proposal addressing BCHI concerns over not replacing the packer at the Locsha Historical Ranger Station and closing the Station to the public was presented by North Central Idaho Chapter and also approved.

These are just some of the many items of business and pleasure at the convention. There was also a silent and live auction and the photo contest.

TRBCH Chapter Display

Bob & Pat Hough did a fantastic job on our Chapter Display! They also got good mileage out of it, as it was set up at the Primeland Event, the BCHI Convention, and the Horseman's Ball. Our chapter display won 1st place at the convention, a check for $200.00 and the traveling chainsaw award is ours again. We all owe them a big thanks, as no one volunteered when ask to do the display. Bob & Pat took it on and really worked hard and spent many nights losing sleep to get it done.

South Fork Asotin Creek
March 18 2012

As always, I was impressed with the turnout for this and all other BCH projects that I've attended since returning as a member to the BCH. Fourteen members showed up at 9:00 on March 18th to install a hitch rail and non-motorized gate at the hayshed at the base of the Smoothin Iron Ranch on the South Fork of Asotin Creek.  Because of the hard work and preparation ahead of time by Dave Favor, Rusty Bentz, Mark Bogar, and Rod Parks, the gate and hitching rail were waiting on site for us to install; they built an additional gate and hitching rail for our next project as well.  Our president, Bob Hough, is an outstanding mini-excavator operator and kept us on task, making quick work of the installations.  Those of us who were of little assistance on the actual installation cleaned out a trail around the cattle guard so that if the parking lot at the hayshed was full and you had to park before the cattle guard, riders could ride their horses down the trail and across the creek.

Following the actual work required for the project and after lunch, Pat and Mark Bogar, Carl Paulson, Rod Parks, and Jerry and I rode up to the chimney on the creek.  This involved many creek crossings and detours around the actual trail because of high water.  The weather was great-not too windy and no rain in sight.  Thanks to Mark Bogar for telling me the story of the actual house that was at this site.

Lessons learned on this ride include the following:  (1) the Bogars have some fast moving mules that are hard to keep up with when they are headed home; (2) Rod really did have a reason for not riding his mule on this particular day-you will have to ask him why he's not been riding his mule recently; (3) Carl has a very nice looking horse who has the makings of an outstanding mountain horse; and (4) Pledge can be used to take the tangles out of horse's tails; thanks for sharing this secret with me Pat.


March 17 2012

Thanks you to everyone that helped set up on Friday and tear down on Saturday. The support was really appreciated. Karen Parks did some Dutch Oven Cooking and handed out samples. Our chapter display was set up in a wall tent due to the wet weather. We had some interest from prospective members. Bob Henriksen set up a LNT camp. Animals were there for hands on packing, but there was very little interest. The big winner was the pony and mule rides thanks to Jim Bunch. Some of us walked several miles in circles leading the excited kids around and around.

TRBCH Annual Chili Ride
February 25 2012

This is an annual event at the Kuther Ranch. Fourteen riders braved the wind as we rode out of the canyons and enjoyed the calm down in the draws. It was a great time and good to see new and old faces and catch up on what we have been doing over the winter. Several groups of deer showed us their tails as they scampered away. No Pizza wrecks this year, so we are going to have to schedule some more fun rides before November. Bob Kuther again was a gracious host and had the heat on in the shop, the chili hot, and everything setup for the riders to dive into the delicious food after the ride.  I must say, we did dive right in, as there was lots of food and it was sooo---gooood!

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