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Monthly meetings ~ Second Tuesday of every month ~ 6:30 p.m.

Cutting Edge Credit Union
2200 1st Street, Lewiston ID

The purpose of the organization is to perpetuate enjoyable, common sense use of horses in the back country, assist government agencies in the maintenance and management of trails and other back country resources, educate, encourage and solicit active public participation in wise and sustaining use of the resources that our heritage has provided for us.

If you are passionate about riding and recreating with your stock in our treasured public lands, join like minded riders and become a Back Country Horsemen. We spend many hours every year donating our time as volunteers on U. S. Forest Service, Idaho Fish & Game, and Washington Fish & Wildlife lands so our members as well as other users can enjoy open trails.

2019 Chapter Officers
Office Name Phone E-Mail
Paul Bogar 208-791-8332 E-MAIL


Dan Flanagan



Secretary Susie Paulson 208-743-8639 E-MAIL
Connie Baker 208-843-2879 none
Public Lands - Idaho Fish & Game; WA Fish & Wildlife
Public Lands
; Newsletter / Website

Rod Parks


State Director 2018-19

Jerry Lane 509-758-9291 E-MAIL
State Director 2018-19 Bob Hough


State Director (Alt) Pat Bogar 509-780-2925 E-MAIL
Foundation Director Karen Parks 208-791-3246 E-MAIL
Foundation Dir (Alt) Pat Bogar 509-780-2925 E-MAIL
Education Co-Chair Billie Havens 509-758-6639 E-MAIL
EducationCo- Chair Connie Marshall 208-276-3098 E-MAIL
Hellsgate State Park
Public Lands
Nez Perce-Clearwater NF
Public Lands

Lorelei McNamee




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